N-FUSE - The Procurement Assistant Allowing Stock Visibility between Consumers and Suppliers N-FUSE - The Procurement Assistant Ensuring stronger and more sustainable relationships
with mining suppliers and original equipment manufacturers
N-FUSE - The Procurement Assistant Transparent, real-time communication
between mines and OEMS and within mining groups
enabling secure sharing on spares availability


N-FUSE is an intelligent integrated spares search engine that draws data on spares from various systems at mines within a group and from their suppliers.


This is done in order to provide secure visibility of all available supply point options for those spares and relevant information on the spares, directly to the procurer. It also draws data from various systems at the mines to deliver sight of the demand for those spares, ahead of time, to their preferred supplier.

Revolutionary New Market Solution

We understand that in current market conditions, mining operations need to operate as low down on the cost curve and as efficiently as possible to ensure they achieve the highest production outputs. The fastest and most efficient way to achieve this is to reduce operational costs.


Bawn Holdings’ founder and owner Victoria Stephen is offering solutions to these very objectives and guarantees it can save mining operations millions every year through its newly developed spares system N-FUSE.


The introduction of stay-in-business (SIB) strategies are delivering on this front and, in addition to extensive cutbacks on operational costs and improved operating efficiencies, includes ensuring stronger and more sustainable relationships with mining suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

The Importance of Spares Visibility

The management and visibility of spares stockholding through existing business processes in supply chain management systems has become manually intensive and are not transparent. They offer no real time spares visibility on site, between a mine and their OEMs or even between mines within their own group. This results in unnecessary spares procurement and stock holding and without best practice monitoring also leads to fraud and theft.


Consequently, spares sharing between mines, which could deliver enormous costs savings alone, is unachievable, as is the ability to effectively monitor current stock levels on the mine as well as the visibility of suppliers spares availability. These defects all contribute to operational inefficiencies and unnecessarily long lead times on spares delivered to the mine, which directly leads to downtime and wasted expenditure.

By using N-FUSE all this is made possible, mines will achieve inventory optimisation which will result in a reduction in operating costs, an increase in production outputs and better inventory planning for maintenance requirements.

About N-FUSE

Having worked in the mining industry for over a decade herself, and in the longer term through the exposure her father and grandfather provided working on the mines, this gap was identified in the market and the need for innovative thinking to create an automated, simple to use and understand spares system which links various systems together and resolves the current challenges experienced by mines in this area.


Conceptualised and developed over many years Bawn Holdings was officially established in 2014 – born to address this ‘unknown’ need and today has a spares system – N-FUSE – which links the mines to the suppliers and provides new business process systems where needed while tapping/plugging into existing systems as well, to provide efficient spares visibility on:

a mine

between mines within the same group and

between mines and their suppliers – vital since there is currently no direct integration on demand and spares availability between both parties.

N-Fuse bridges this important gap by bringing them together. Spares monitoring should be considered one of a mine’s significant cash-saving avenues and with the inclusion of N-FUSE, can be assured of a significant reduction in working costs, maximum operational efficiency and increased production achievements. Most importantly, a reduction in crisis management and downtime on the mine has a direct effect on ROI (return on investment) and shareholder value.

N-Fuse facilitates:


real-time communication between mines and OEMS and within mining groups enabling secure sharing on spares availability

An Interface

between mines and OEMS to enable efficient exchange of existing and new information on spares


of the visibility of the entire spares stockholding – at all times mines will have visibility of what stock is available in stores, at their OEMs and on sister mines

An ‘alert system trigger’

(customisable at client’s request) identifying the need to order new parts; and automated processes which cover all spares requirements including planning, ordering, delivery, post-installation report generation – all tracked from a financial perspective.

N-FUSE will not replace current systems in place, but rather improve and build-in what mining operations don’t have to improve their overall spares stockholding.

Benefits include :

Thanks to real-time communication between all spares stakeholders, the usage of spares is maximised while reducing the quantity of stock holding on site as well.

Pre-authorised stock ordering can also be automated as stipulated by the mine upfront

OEMS are also afforded a more accurate account of how much stock is being used and an indication of the full life span of their equipment. Over time, they will also be able to accurately forecast spares consumption and maintain their own stockholding accordingly.

Critical items and long-lead items will always be on hand and never be the cause of unnecessary downtime. The system empowers OEMs and will enhance their service delivery – a service mines are relying on more heavily through service level agreements.

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